ICYMI: SULLIVAN: Despite Biden’s Varying Explanations This Past Year, Inflation is Joe Biden’s Fault

WASHINGTON—On the Hugh Hewitt Show today, U.S. Senator Dan Sullivan (R-Alaska) called out President Joe Biden for refusing to accept responsibility for the record-setting inflation that is “crushing middle-class and working-class families.” Sullivan said the sky-high prices Americans are paying are “Joe Biden’s faultthe Federal Reserve’s faultBiden’s anti-energy policies’ fault.” Sullivan also discussed letters he has sent to the Interior Department’s inspector general and ethics office requesting an investigation of political appointees in the department who are allegedly working on matters directly related to and benefitting their previous clients and work.

SULLIVAN: Despite Biden’s Varying Explanations This Past Year, Inflation is Joe Biden’s Fault


SULLIVAN: “I put out a tweet yesterday going through the list of the Biden administration's explanations with regard to inflation. If you remember first, it's not happening. Then it was transitory. Then you might remember, oh, this is a high-class problem. Then it was well, actually, this is a good thing. Then it was, it was Covid’s fault. Then it's Putin's fault. And now it's the “ultra-MAGA Republicans” fault. I mean, this is literally in the last year. And look, the American people are wise, Hugh. They know exactly whose fault it is. It's Joe Biden's fault. It's the Federal Reserve's fault. It's Biden's anti-energy policies’ fault. And you know, this is the number one issue. As you say, it's not only unsustainable, it is crushing middle-class and working-class Americans.”


SULLIVAN: Biden’s Department of Interior Officials Have Huge Conflicts of Interest


HEWITT: “You know, I am used to when Democrats when they bring along all their environmental activists, but usually they have the good manners not to put their environmental activists in charge of what they have lobbied for. You call them out on this. Would you explain to them, to the people, what they did by bringing in folks from the environmental activists’ padre?”

SULLIVAN: “Absolutely. It's a huge issue in December of this past year. I wrote the Inspector General at the Department of Interior and I said, you need to look into four senior officials at the Department of Interior, all of whom were working with environmental groups or other groups that had interest in shutting down Alaska. And a long long list of activities that these individuals did. And now they are actually in charge, for the American people because they’re senior officials at theInterior [working] on policies. . .doing the exact things that they did when they were working for these radical environmental groups. And it's a huge conflict of interests. And I lay out the statute and the executive orders saying you can't lobby and work on something and then go do it with regard to positions of trust now held, for the American people, and they're doing it in my state: 22 executive orders or executive actions, Hugh, focused on shutting down Alaska—singularly focusing and targeting Alaska, Alaska's working families. It is just remarkable when the national Dems get into power, they institute what I always refer to as the anti-Alaska agenda. They essentially say to all the radical environmental groups, [do] you want to shut down the Great State of Alaska?. . .Go ahead.” 

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