SPEECH: Sullivan Speaks on Iranian Aggression, Potential AUMF Repeal

WASHINGTON--Madam President, we are debating, last week and this week, the authorization for the use of military force authority that was granted in 2002, which is a really important debate that we are seeing right here on the Senate floor.   By the way, it is a good-faith argument. There are Members on both sides of the aisle making different arguments.   There is not a topic, in my view, more important than the issues at stake here--how to use military force; when to use military… Continue Reading


SPEECH: Sen. Dan Sullivan Addresses the Alaska Legislature

Introduction Good morning, everybody. Thank you, Mr. President and Speaker Tilton. It's very much an honor to be back here. To all legislators-some of you new to me, some of you dear old friends-I just want to say, it's great to be back home with all of you! Things around here have changed some. There's a lot of young blood in the building-men and women who have entered the arena. Welcome. As Teddy Roosevelt told us in his famous speech, "Citizenship in a Republic," the arena is not a place fo… Continue Reading


SPEECH: Sullivan Speaks on Biden's Burdensome NEPA Rules

WASHINGTON-Madam President, today, actually, I want to talk about the Americans of the century, the Americans of the century. This is an iconic, iconic picture of the men--and, of course, women--who built our great Nation: the working families, the union members who built our great Nation, won World War II. This is, by the way, the Empire State Building. Some of our workers built that. I want to talk about that here in a minute. They are having a little bit of lunch. But these are the wor… Continue Reading


SPEECH: Sullivan leads effort to overturn Biden’s onerous NEPA rules

WASHINGTON-Madam President, I want to talk about two other issues today that I care deeply about--I think most Senators do, and certainly Americans do--and that is two things that our country desperately needs: infrastructure and energy. Infrastructure and energy--and we all know that this is what is needed. We talk about it here a lot in the Senate. However, some, especially in the Biden administration, talk a lot about these issues but, then, when it comes to taking action, maybe not s… Continue Reading


SPEECH: Sullivan speaks about Alaska's Willow project

WASHINGTON-Madam President, I want to turn to energy now. You know the President is in Saudi Arabia. There is a lot of irony here, I believe, because his administration has clearly made it harder for Americans to produce American energy with American workers, with American infrastructure. That is a fact. That is a fact, OK? I see it in Alaska every day--every single day. The Federal Government is trying to stop the production of American energy. What are we seeing? Inflation, super high … Continue Reading


SPEECH: Indo-Pacific Economic Framework

Mr. President, I wanted to come down to talk about a topic that a number of Senators have been talking about and that a number of Senators have been focused on. That is the topic of Taiwan and potentially the defense of Taiwan and the support for Taiwan. As this body knows, in 1979, the Senate passed a very important bill called the Taiwan Relations Act--a very bipartisan bill. From that time on, the Senate has played a very important oversight role in U.S. relations with Taiwan, and it h… Continue Reading


SPEECH: Remembering Congressman Don Young

Mr. President, like my good friend and colleague Senator Murkowski, I rise today to recognize a giant, a larger than life man, certainly a legend in our State, and certainly a legend in the House of Representatives, Congressman for all Alaska, Donald Edwin Young. As Senator Murkowski mentioned, we lost this great Alaskan, this great American, while flying home with his beloved wife, Anne, by his side just this weekend. He was flying back home to Alaska, the State he loved so much and serv… Continue Reading


SPEECH: Biden Slows American Oil & Gas Production

Mr. President, the American people--the world--is watching a really horrendous, barbaric, horrible situation in Ukraine; and we are all praying for the people there, trying to do as much as we can to support them. And this barbarism we are seeing from Vladimir Putin is something I don't think anyone is ever going to forget. We can't let it stand. We need to use all instruments of American power--with our allies--to work to address this long term because this is a long-term problem--the new era… Continue Reading


SPEECH: Energy and Putin's War on Ukraine

Mr. President, obviously, the images coming out of Ukraine and the heroism that we are seeing is inspiring people all across America, all across the world, and it is spurring governments to action, appropriate action. Just the other day, there was a world leader in charge of one of the world's most important countries who was spurred to action. Despite his country and his government having a leftwing leaning, he made announcements--historic, remarkable announcements--that not only stunned… Continue Reading


SPEECH: Biden Must Course Correct on Failing Energy Policy

Mr. President, I want to come down to the floor and talk about the issue that is certainly the focus of America and the world right now, and that is Ukraine, and that is the President's State of the Union Address, which will be a very important one tonight. And I know that Americans all across our great Nation are glued to their televisions, social media streams. And what we are seeing in Europe is quite remarkable, quite unsettling--another major war on the European continent. We are see… Continue Reading


SPEECH: Voting Rights Laws

Mr. President, last week, I gave a long, detailed speech on the topic that was at hand last week and is the topic, right now, that we are focusing on here in the U.S. Senate: voting rights and the majority leader's goal this week, as it was last week, to blow up the legislative filibuster. I believe it would be the first time in U.S. history that a majority leader would actually seek to do this--to blow up the legislative filibuster--which, in and of itself, says a lot. This would, of c… Continue Reading


SPEECH: Voting Rights and the Senate Filibuster

Mr. President, I wanted to come down here, like many of my colleagues today, and talk about a really important topic, and that is the future of the filibuster and the issue of voting rights, both of which are very important to this country. We are going to be focused a lot--perhaps with some major votes, historic votes, in the U.S. Senate this week--on these topics. There has been a lot of talk recently from my Democratic colleagues about actually getting rid of the filibuster. This, as m… Continue Reading


SPEECH: FY 2022 National Defense Authorization Act

Mr. President, I want to come down to the Senate floor and commend a number of Senators, but I want to particularly commend the chairman of the Armed Services Committee, Senator Reed, and the ranking member, Senator Inhofe, and their staff, and all the staff on the Armed Services Committee for the exceptional work they have done over the last several months to produce the strong National Defense Authorization Act that just passed in a very strong bipartisan vote here on the floor of the U.S. Sen… Continue Reading


SPEECH: Ninth Circuit Nominees

Madam President, this week, the Senate is going to take up three Ninth Circuit judges, three Federal judges for the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit. And in the process, the Biden administration is going to smash an institutional and constitutional norm between the executive and legislative branches, particularly the executive branch, the White House, and the U.S. Senate that every U.S. Senator--all 100 of us--should be concerned about. Let me explain. This is a really impo… Continue Reading


SPEECH: IRI's 2021 Freedom Award Celebration

It is a great honor to be here with you tonight as the Chairman of IRI. I want to thank President Dan Twining for his exceptional leadership, the IRI Board, and so many of my Senate colleagues for being here tonight. And of course, the many supporters of IRI who have made this such a successful evening. Tonight we are here to celebrate democracy and its heroes, and to thank all those who work across the globe to counter one of the 21st century's most significant challenges-the rise of pow… Continue Reading


SPEECH: Biden's Vaccine Mandates

Mr. President, I want to address a topic this afternoon here in the U.S. Senate that I believe not enough people are talking about. It is something that I certainly heard a lot about when I was back home in Alaska, and I think it is something that millions of Americans are talking about. But nobody here on the Senate floor is talking about, but we should be because this goes to constitutional authority, and it goes to what I believe means to be an American--freedom, liberty, and it is thi… Continue Reading


SPEECH: Democrats' Tax and Spending Spree

Mr. President, I want to talk about transparency, and I want to talk about the need for transparency here in the U.S. Senate more than ever. The House and the Senate are moving with breakneck speed to pass one of the biggest, most reckless spending social bills in U.S. history, over $3.5 trillion--a spending spree that will be the largest in a generation--which will include the largest tax hike that we have seen in peacetime and something that the majority leader himself has called the largest … Continue Reading


SPEECH: Biden's Afghanistan Debacle

Mr. President, there have been a lot of discussions on the floor today--and I fully support them--about an important, important role of the U.S. Senate that we need to take on with regard to our oversight responsibility of what the entire country has recently observed as a fiasco, debacle, with regard to foreign policy in Afghanistan that is going to have consequences for years. Like all of us, I was home over August when all of these images on TV were unfolding. And I will tell you, I d… Continue Reading


SPEECH: Sen. Sullivan Addresses Alaska Legislature

WASHINGTON - On Monday, U.S. Senator Dan Sullivan (R-Alaska) spoke to a joint session of the Alaska Legislature. In his sixth address since taking office, Sullivan discussed ongoing challenges posed by the Biden administration, highlighted bipartisan accomplishments throughout his first term, and opportunities to bolster Alaska's economic future, including his forthcoming pro-jobs energy and climate plan. Click here to watch video of the senator's speech. Transcript: Many things have changed… Continue Reading


SPEECH: Sullivan Cautions Colleagues Against Curtailing Legislative Filibuster

WASHINGTON-On the floor of the U.S. Senate this week, Senator Dan Sullivan (R-Alaska) urged his colleagues not to curtail the legislative filibuster-the 60-vote threshold necessary to advance legislation-and to consider the long-term ramifications of changing this foundational rule of debate in the Senate in exchange for short-term partisan benefits. Sen. Sullivan noted that when Republicans controlled both chambers of Congress and the presidency just a few years ago, but lacked a filibuster-pro… Continue Reading

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