Academy Nominations

As your United States Senator, and a Colonel in the United States Marine Corps Reserve, it is my honor to accept your nomination package to attend one of our country's great Military Service Academies. Your decision to compete for an appointment to one of these institutions speaks to your high moral character and your selfless desire to serve your country. I applaud you for taking this step. 
The President of the United States officially makes all appointments to the United States service academies. However, each member of Congress is allotted a limited number of nominations, which they may submit for consideration of an appointment (by the academy) to fill the vacancies at each academy. Students are strongly encouraged to apply to their congressional sponsors and their academy of choice in the spring of their junior year, but may apply while their senior year is underway.
Because making academy nominations is one of the most important responsibilities I have as your U.S. Senator, I have assembled an Academy Selection Board to review the applications and interview each candidate. The board will review each application carefully and take many factors into consideration as they provide recommendations to me on the nominations. The board is comprised of academy graduates and community leaders from across Alaska. 
To assist with this process, I ask candidates to submit an application packet that documents their academic, civic, and athletic abilities, as well as their commitment to military service. The completed application package must be received in my Anchorage office no later than November 1st.
Each applicant seeking a nomination from my office must meet the following eligibility requirements:
  • Age: Applicant must be at least 17 years old, but not yet 23 years of age, on July 1st of the year you enter the Academy (25 years of age for the Merchant Marine Academy). 
  • Citizenship: Applicant must be a United States citizen, and a legal and permanent resident of Alaska. 
  • Marital Status: Applicant must be unmarried and have no dependents.
The following information must be received in my Anchorage office by November 1st to be considered for my nomination to one of the academies:
  • Completed U.S. Military Service Academy Nomination Application from the Office of U.S. Senator Dan Sullivan
  • Proof of Alaska Residency: Copy of personal or parents' voter registration. Military Dependents living outside of Alaska must provide the military parent's current rank and duty information, and proof of Alaska Residency, such as a Leave and Earnings Statement. 
  • Essay: In 200 words or less, provide a typed essay answering the questions in the "Essay" section of the application. 
  • Two Letters of Recommendation: One letter must be from a teacher or principal and the second from a personal or work-related reference. Please do not include letters from your family members.
  • Academic Information:
    • Sealed official transcripts from all high schools, junior colleges or colleges you have attended.
    • Class Rank (must be listed on transcript) 
    • Copy of SAT/ACT Scores: Please check with your school to see if scores will be listed on your transcript. If not listed, please provide your scores directly from the testing service (SAT code 4789; ACT code 7104) or a copy of your scores. The copy must be of the official scores (from the printed copy or from the online portal) and show your full name and the date the test was taken.
As part of this nomination process, you will be required to participate in an interview with my Academy Selection Board. Interviews will be conducted in person or via phone or Skype for those applicants who do not reside in the Anchorage area or near one of our district offices. 
The application period for the Class of 2029 is now open. Please download the application here.
Questions? Please contact us by phone at (907) 271-5915 or by email at