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OP-ED: Alaska Uniquely Positioned to Strengthen National Security During Dangerous Period

by Sen. Dan Sullivan

We are in one of the most dangerous period in U.S. history since World War II—a new era of authoritarian aggression led by the dictators in Moscow, Beijing and Tehran. This difficult reality faces us nearly every day: joint Russian and Chinese naval flotillas operating off Alaska’s coast, the barbaric attack by Iran-funded Hamas terrorists against Israel, other Iranian-backed terrorists lobbing missiles to shut down global shipping lanes in the Middle East, and the Chinese Communist Party threat… Continue Reading


OP-ED: Stars are aligned to make a major push for Alaska LNG

by Sen. Dan Sullivan

There is no doubt that our state and nation are facing many challenges. Inflation is eating into paychecks. The wide-open southern border is fueling thousands of fentanyl overdoses. The cost of energy is skyrocketing. At every turn, it seems that the Biden administration is determined to shut down our state. Here is another challenge: Alaska’s Railbelt utilities are predicting that without further significant discoveries in the Cook Inlet, within the next five years, we will be forced to import… Continue Reading


OP-ED: Uniting Alaskans to address the youth mental health crisis

by Sen. Dan Sullivan

On June 26, I hosted the U.S. Surgeon General, Dr. Vivek Murthy, in Anchorage to hold a series of town hall-style roundtables—as well as a Facebook Live dialogue—to discuss the mental health crisis among our youth, how social media impacts that crisis, and how we can work together to combat it. The meetings were very productive and I thank the hundreds of Alaska mental health experts, parents, youth, public officials, tribal and non-profit leaders, for sharing their insights and for coming toget… Continue Reading


EDITORIAL: A Permitting Test for Democrats

by Editorial Board

Permitting headaches for public works are a bipartisan complaint. So we wonder: Will Democratic Senators join their Republican colleagues in voting to reverse a Biden Administration rule that adds costly new roadblocks? Alaska Sen. Dan Sullivan plans to call for a vote as early as this week on a resolution to overturn a Council on Environmental Quality change to permitting rules under the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA). Under the Congressional Review Act, a simple majority of both ch… Continue Reading


ARTICLE: Sen. Sullivan looks to curb power of giant investment firms embracing ESG

by Zachary Halaschak

Sen. Dan Sullivan (R-AK) has introduced legislation to rein in the power over corporations enjoyed by the biggest asset managers, many of whom have provoked Republicans by embracing "Environmental, Social, and Governance" standards for businesses. The Investor Democracy Is Expected Act would give more power to passive investors who invest their money in mutual and exchange-traded funds through firms like Vanguard. It would require money managers to vote proxies based on their clients' wishes ra… Continue Reading


ARTICLE: Lawmakers Seek to Curb Voting Power of BlackRock, Vanguard and Other Big Asset Managers

by Angel Au-Yeung

A group of Republican senators is looking to curtail the power big asset managers like BlackRock Inc. and Vanguard Group have over public companies. In legislation to be introduced Wednesday, Sen. Dan Sullivan (R., Alaska) calls for voting choice to be made available to individual investors in passive funds when money managers own more than 1% of a company's voting securities. Big asset managers like BlackRock, Vanguard and State Street Corp. STT -2.56% have grown rapidly in recent years, fue… Continue Reading


OP-ED: Sullivan and Inupiaq Leader: As Interior Secretary Visits Alaska, Here’s What We’d Like Her to Say.

by Harry Brower and Dan Sullivan

As many Alaskans know, Secretary of the Interior Deb Haaland is visiting our state this coming week, including a visit to Utqiagvik. It's a commitment that she gave to Sen. Dan Sullivan prior to her confirmation, and we are heartened that she's living up to this commitment. Because of the power Interior secretaries have over our state, the relationship between the secretary and state leaders has at various times in history been strained. And many of the decisions that the Interior Department, o… Continue Reading


OP-ED: Let Alaska Sell American Energy to the World

by Harry Brower Jr. and Josiah Patkotak

Even as Russian tanks lined up on the Ukrainian border in February, the Biden administration froze U.S. drilling on federal lands and issued rules making it harder to build natural-gas pipelines. We may be Inupiaq Eskimos 5,000 miles away from the Washington policy machine, but we know crazy when we see it. And this is crazy. Big profits from oil and gas exports to Europe and the U.S. are enabling Vladimir Putin's aggression in Ukraine. Curtailing U.S. energy production forces the world to buy … Continue Reading


OP-ED: Headwinds and hope for the new year

by Sen. Dan Sullivan

Let's face it, 2021 was another tough year. The pandemic, which we had all hoped would be in the rearview mirror by now, is still front and center. It's taken too many lives of our fellow Americans, and has greatly disrupted our communities. Inflation, which is at a 40-year high, is shrinking the budgets of working Alaskans. Compounding these serious challenges is the Biden administration's open hostility to Alaska's economy and our way of life. However, despite these challenges, we have been a… Continue Reading


INTERVIEW: Sen. Dan Sullivan on Fox Business Network's "Kudlow"

Transcript LARRY KUDLOW, FBN ANCHOR: So, we bring in Senator Dan Sullivan who is a great friend from the great state of Alaska. Dan, it's very brave, you called his resignation -- and by the way, he's not my favorite person in Washington, so I'm sure not going to defend him. But I just do want to ask to fill the story out. Israel itself apparently has publicly released this notion or these factoids that they attacked Iranian interests in Syria 200 times, but we don't know exactly when, I gues… Continue Reading


OP-ED: America deserves a pro-jobs climate plan

by Sen. Dan Sullivan

America stands at a strategic crossroads. We could enact the Biden administration's climate change policies that would shut down whole industries, provide pink slips to millions of American workers during a pandemic with no alternatives in the near term, drastically raise prices on American families, undermine economic growth, decrease energy reliability, diminish our national security and do little or nothing to reduce global greenhouse gas emissions. Or we could pursue a worker-oriented en… Continue Reading


For Senate die-hards, no sweeter sound than ‘Alaskan of the Week’

by Chris Cioffi

When Sen. Dan Sullivan comes up on C-SPAN with his familiar sunset poster, a sigh of relief runs through Washington. "It's that time again," he says, standing next to a mountain scene aglow with orange, pink and purple. This is "Alaskan of the Week," the only speech in the Senate that elicits gleeful tweets from jaded floor watchers. They know what it means for the chamber - and pre-pandemic, their evening plans. Business is usually done and almost everyone is gone. The last thing left to … Continue Reading


OP-ED: Even during a pandemic, the iconic Iditarod continues

by Sens. Dan Sullivan & Lisa Murkowski, and Rep. Don Young

The Iditarod - the Last Great Race - captures the imagination and the hearts of many Alaskans, as well as people around the world. Teams of mushers and their dogs racing roughly 1,000 miles across the state of Alaska toward the finish line in Nome, in some of the harshest conditions and across some of the most difficult and rugged terrain on the planet. It is quintessentially Alaskan. There are other sled dog races around the world and throughout Alaska, but the Iditarod is the most renowne… Continue Reading


Former legislator Bud Fate remembered as Renaissance man

by Amanda Bohman

Hugh "Bud" Fate died late Thursday. The U.S. Army veteran, who used the G.I. Bill to study dentistry and brought dental care to rural Alaska, served in the Alaska Legislature representing Fairbanks in the early 2000s. While the 91-year-old lived an accomplished life, many people knew him as the husband of the late Mary Jane Fate, originally of Rampart, who co-founded the Breast Cancer Detection Center of Alaska and the Fairbanks Native Association. She was the first woman to co-chair the Alaska… Continue Reading


Odd couple: How a Republican senator and Biden’s defense secretary became friends downrange

by Joe Gould

WASHINGTON ? Long before he was U.S. Sen. Dan Sullivan, he was Marine Reserve Maj. Dan Sullivan, tapped to write U.S. Central Command's strategy document and, by his telling, not getting much help from the subordinate commanders in the region. That is, until he went to Lloyd Austin, then CENTCOM's two-star chief of staff. "He did a big video teleconference with all the subordinate commanders and said in very forceful language: This guy is doing it and you better help him," Sullivan, R-Alaska, t… Continue Reading


OP-ED: “Defense Is on the Ballot in Georgia”

by Sen. Dan Sullivan

The stakes in the Georgia U.S. Senate races on Jan. 5, 2021, between Sens. David Perdue and Kelly Loeffler and their respective challengers, Jon Ossoff and Raphael Warnock, are very high for a host of reasons. One that has not received enough attention is the readiness of our military. The U.S. faces rising threats from China, Russia and Iran, and continued robust funding of our military is clearly at stake in Georgia, which will decide the Senate majority. Nowhere is the divide between Democrat… Continue Reading


U.S. senators, congressman address COVID-19 pandemic

by Senator Dan Sullivan, Senator Lisa Murkowski & Congressman Don Young

We understand what a challenging and unprecedented time this is for Alaskans. The COVID-19 virus has been an evolving pandemic, spreading worldwide and severely disrupting life across America and our state. Alaskans are worried not only about their personal health and the impacts that Alaska's health systems may face, but also the potential short-and long-term economic impacts on working families, jobs and small businesses across the state. But in true Alaska fashion, folks in the state hav… Continue Reading


POLITICO: Senator slams lack of port infrastructure in the Arctic


The chairman of a Senate Armed Services subcommittee sounded the alarm Tuesday on what he said is practically nonexistent port infrastructure in the Arctic, even though the Defense Department's Arctic strategy calls for enhancing port capability in the far north. Sen. Dan Sullivan noted that legislation from his subcommittee on readiness, as well as provisions in the National Defense Authorization Act, has long addressed a lack of strategic ports, specifically in the Arctic. The Alaska Republic… Continue Reading


OP-ED: Goldman Sachs to Native Alaskans: Drop Dead

by Harry Brower Jr.

As the mayor of Alaska's North Slope Borough, I represent about 10,000 people in an area larger than most states. Beneath our lands are some of the largest oil and gas reserves in the world, including Prudhoe Bay and the coastal plain of the Alaska National Wildlife Refuge. Since the 19th century, when our Inupiat ancestors made initial contact with the West, we have worked to maintain a balance between the modern world and our rich cultural inheritance. Largely because of the oil and gas und… Continue Reading


EDITORIAL "The Senate—unanimously!—acts to improve the health of our oceans"

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