ICYMI: Sullivan Says Alternative to the Willow Project Could be Dirty Venezuelan Oil

WASHINGTON—In an interview on Fox News Channel’s America Reports yesterday, U.S. Senator Dan Sullivan (R-Alaska) told Fox News host John Roberts that the Willow Project is far cleaner than imported oil from Venezuela, which the Biden Administration’s recently allowed by the lifting of sanctions.

As Senator Sullivan noted, Venezuelan oil is 18 times dirtier than the average American oil project. The Willow Project, whichreceived a Final Supplemental Environmental Impact Statement (FSEIS) from the Department of Interior Wednesday, has been found to have the lowest greenhouse gas emissions of any major oil project in the United States and OPEC countries.

In the interview, Senator Sullivan also noted the economic and national security benefits of the project, as well as the widespread support of the project by numerous local and Alaskan Native groups such as the North Slope Borough and Inupiat Community of the North Slope (ICAS).

SULLIVAN: The Willow Project Has the Lowest Greenhouse Gas Emissions of Any Major Pending Oil Project in the World


SENATOR SULLIVAN: “The issue that often gets overlooked, it's really good for the environment. Why? This is the lowest greenhouse gas emission project of this size of any project in the world. And think about the alternative. The Biden administration is literally going to Venezuela asking for more oil. They've lifted sanctions on the Venezuelan –“

JOHN ROBERTS: “Very dirty oil.” 

SULLIVAN: “Very dirty oil. 18 times more polluting than [an American] project. So this is actually really good for our environment if we know that we're going to need oil and gas, which we need for decades to come, we should get it from America, from American workers.

“It'll enhance our national security. And if you're any of your viewers are watching right now, reach out to the BLM, BLM.GOV. If you've been impacted by high energy prices, weighing in the next 30 days is going to be a real battle. We need to get this over the goal line.”


SULLIVAN: Part of the Biden Administration, The Radical Left, Really Want To Kill This Project

SULLIVAN: “Part of this broader context that you guys have reported on, which is the very strategically damaging elements of the Biden energy policy, which has been to shut down the production of oil and gas, delay pipelines and infrastructure, pressure banks not to invest in American energy. And then when the prices go up, which they have all over the country, the Biden administration goes overseas and begs for oil from dictators in Venezuela and Saudi Arabia.

“So I've been calling on the Biden administration for a course correction, trying to use every bit of leverage as a U.S. Senator to do that. This might be the beginning of it, John, with this initial approval of the Willow Project, as you mentioned, huge benefits not just for Alaska, but for America, up to 200,000 barrels a day, 2,500 jobs.

“Highest environmental standards in the world. But there's going to be a battle royale happening. And I'm in the arena right now because part of the Biden administration, the radical environmental left, they really want to kill this project. But we think it's not only good for Alaska, [but] really important for America.”