ICYMI: Sullivan Talks to Defense News about Military Strength in the Arctic

WASHINGTON, DC – Defense News recently featured a wide-ranging interview with U.S. Senator Sullivan (R-Alaska) about military strength in the Arctic. The Q&A included questions about the change in the Pentagon’s stance about the Arctic as an area of strategic importance, the military build-up in Alaska, the need for a strategic Arctic port in Alaska, and the “complete no-brainer” for Alaska to be the home for the KC-46 bed down"

“A former Alaska attorney general and Marine Corps officer,” the intro to the interview states, “Sullivan has spent his time in office evangelizing for Alaska’s strategic role in the region, grilling and cajoling Pentagon officials in public hearings, and pressing change through provisions in successive National Defense Authorization Acts.” 

Read the full Q&A here: https://www.defensenews.com/congress/2020/05/11/sen-sullivan-of-alaska-talks-military-strength-and-strategy-in-the-arctic/

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