Sullivan Blasts EPA’s Proposal to Regulate Aircraft Emissions

WASHINGTON, DC – U.S. Senator Dan Sullivan released the following statement today regarding the Obama Administration’s preliminary proposal to regulate aircraft emissions.

“It’s official: The Obama Administration’s EPA will stop at nothing to take control over our country’s land, water and air and to threaten the industries that employ millions of American workers,” Senator Sullivan said.  “Today’s misguided actions by the Environmental Protection Agency highlight just how far this Administration has pushed the limits of its authority.  For months, I have asked EPA Administrator Gina McCarthy where her agency gets the legal authority to greatly expand its jurisdiction over our land and water. I have yet to get an answer. Only Congress has the authority to expand jurisdiction of these areas – and members on both sides of the aisle know it. Americans are beginning to understand that they’re being regulated out of jobs, and that our country is being regulated out of a strong economy. This federal overreach cannot and will not fly in this Congress.”