Sullivan Cheers Withdrawal of Radical Omarova Nomination

WASHINGTON—U.S. Senator Dan Sullivan (R-Alaska) celebrated President Joe Biden’s announcement today that Saule Omarova has withdrawn her nomination to serve as Comptroller of the Currency. Sen. Sullivan has been rallying his colleagues and speaking out forcefully for weeks against the nominee, highlighting her demonstrated hostility toward the free market system and American banking, her lack of qualifications, and her affinity for Marxist ideology.

“Good news for a change: President Biden withdrew Saule Omarova’s nomination to be Comptroller of the Currency today,” said Senator Sullivan. “I’ve been pushing for her nomination to be pulled for the last several weeks—highlighting her hostility toward our free market system, her pledge to ‘end banking as we know it,’ her plan to ‘bankrupt’ our energy companies to enact Green New Deal policies, and her general adherence to Marxist ideology. In a statement, however, Biden didn’t mention any of this, nor did he mention that she had lost the support of at least five Democratic Senators. Instead, he said that she ‘was subjected to inappropriate personal attacks that were far beyond the pale.’ This is not true. The concerns I raised about Omarova were always about her ideas, beliefs and policies, which is exactly what the Senate is supposed to do during the confirmation process. The fact is that this nominee was dangerous for our country and there was nothing inappropriate about drawing attention to her radical, far-left, socialist ideas and sympathies. 

“Ironically, the only inappropriate attacks in this entire confirmation process have been when this nominee publicly called anyone who criticized her a ‘racist.’ Americans are sick of this. There is no place in our political discourse for labeling people as racist simply because they don’t agree with your ideas and vision for our country. The far left seems to do this on a regular basis to try to silence their critics. America and all of Alaska should breathe a sigh of relief that Omarova’s nomination got pulled and that this individual will not be regulating America’s banks and our currency.”

Sen. Sullivan spoke on the Senate floor on November 4 to detail his opposition to Omarova’s nomination.

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