Sullivan Comments on Senate Immigration Proposals

Washington, DC -- U.S. Senator Dan Sullivan (R-AK) today shared the following statement after Senate consideration of four immigration related proposals:

“Addressing the serious challenges in our immigration system – including a resolution for the beneficiaries of the DACA program – requires compassion, securing our border, and respect for the rule of law. To this end, I believe the Secure and Succeed Act of 2018, which I supported, was both a serious and generous proposal. Importantly, it brought a compassionate and fair resolution for DACA children who came to our country illegally through no fault of their own, while also making important reforms to border security and strengthening our legal immigration process.

“Unfortunately, I could not in good faith support two other proposals put forward today. One proposal fell far short of my belief that any solution before us must include significant reforms and investments to our border security. Another, while well intentioned, would have had the effect of weakening border security and further incentivizing people to enter the country illegally – which is neither good for immigrants nor the country as a whole.

“There is no doubt our country benefits from immigrants – their energy and their hard work. America is a nation of immigrants, but we must also ensure the rule of law remains the cornerstone of our immigration system. As we move forward, I am committed to establishing strong immigration policies that strengthen the economy, protect American workers, and bolster border security, while also exhibiting a level of compassion that is woven into the fabric of our nation.”