Sullivan Condemns Continued Militarization of South China Sea

ANCHORAGE, AK – U.S. Senator Dan Sullivan (R-AK) released a statement today following reports that China has completed new structures on artificial islands in the South China Sea for the purpose of holding surface-to-air missiles.

“Despite claims to the contrary, China is continuing to change the facts on the ground in the South China Sea,” said Senator Dan Sullivan. “Building two dozen structures designed to house surface-to-air missiles clearly violates China’s previous promises not to militarize this vital region, where $5.3 trillion of trade – $1.2 trillion of it from the U.S. – passes each year. The U.S. military should continue to fly, sail and operate in the South China Sea, and everywhere else international law allows. China’s attempts to restrict access to this critical region should not be tolerated by the U.S. or our allies.”

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