Sullivan Honored to Announce 2018 Military Service Academy Nominations

WASHINGTON, DC – U.S. Senator Dan Sullivan (R-AK) had the honor and privilege of nominating 33 outstanding young Alaskans to four of our country’s U.S. Military Service Academies.

 “This year’s selection of candidates was exceptional – all exhibited the characteristics that will help them to succeed as leaders in our nation’s military: academic excellence, demonstrated leadership, and a commitment to serving their community and nation,” said Senator Sullivan. “Nominating candidates for our nation’s outstanding Military Service Academies is one of my favorite things to do as a U.S. Senator. The backgrounds and experiences of these young Alaskans is humbling – I am so impressed with this field of exceptional future leaders who want to serve their country. It is an honor to be a part of this process.”

 These nominations allow the applicants to compete for appointments to the academies. Appointments are offered individually by the academies.

 Senator Sullivan’s Class of 2022 U.S. Military Service Academy nominees are as follows:

 U.S. Air Force Academy:

  • Nathan Alfano – Anchorage*
  • Hunter Bleakney – Palmer
  • Tamara Brabson – Eagle River
  • Marguerite Flynn – Juneau
  • Derek Jensen - JBER
  • Nolan Johnson – Eagle River*
  • Kade Leonard – Eielson AFB
  • Makinna Olmstead – Eagle River
  • Emily Rivera – Kodiak
  • Garrett Smoot – JBER*

U.S. Merchant Marine Academy:

  • Garrett Anderson – Palmer*
  • Philip Andress IV – Anchorage*
  • Ryan Chastain – Palmer*
  • Nolan Johnson – Eagle River*
  • Carter Kreischer – Kodiak
  • Anders Marius – Sitka
  • Colton Ramsey – Fort Wainwright
  • Vince Tenebro – Ketchikan*

U.S. Military Academy:

  • Nathan Alfano – Anchorage*
  • Mallori Allen – Wasilla
  • Garrett Anderson – Palmer*
  • Ryan Chastain – Palmer*
  • Hanna Fitzgerald – Eagle River
  • David Hwang – Fort Wainwright
  • Nolan Johnson – Eagle River*
  • Michael Lucero - Fairbanks
  • Bradley Mackin – Anchorage
  • Christopher Orta – Anchorage
  • Cody Quelland - Soldotna
  • Victoria Slaven – Eagle River*
  • Garrett Smoot – JBER*
  • Calvin Strong – Kenai
  • Rebecca Syrup – Anchorage
  • Vince Tenebro – Ketchikan*

U.S. Naval Academy:

  • Garrett Anderson – Palmer*
  • Philip Andress IV – Anchorage*
  • Ryan Chastain – Palmer*
  • Robert Hilder – Craig
  • Caleb Hopkins – Palmer
  • Madison Maroney – Anchorage
  • Nicolas Osborne – Eagle River
  • Wade Quigley – Girdwood
  • Alexander Schuerch – Anchorage
  • Victoria Slaven – Eagle River*

 *Received more than one nomination from Senator Sullivan

Senator Sullivan’s Academy Review Board, comprised of nine members from across Alaska and many of whom are service academy graduates, reviewed the applications, interviewed each of the applicants, and recommended individuals for nomination.

 “I am honored once again by the board’s participation and dedication. They volunteered countless hours reviewing applications, interviewing candidates, and discussing the qualifications of potential nominees,” said Senator Sullivan. “I am thankful for the breadth of expertise they brought to this process to nominate young Alaskans to become the next leaders of the world’s most esteemed military. I was also pleased to welcome two new members to the board this cycle, Retired Lt. Colonel Anita Baker (USMA) and Mrs. Amy Woodward (USNA).”

 Senator Sullivan’s 2018 Service Academy Selection Board:

  • Anita Baker - Anchorage
  • Eric Feige – Chickaloon
  • Grace Greene – Girdwood
  • Win Gruening – Juneau
  • Dan Kennedy – Wasilla
  • Butch Stein – Fairbanks
  • Bill Thomas – Haines
  • Amy Woodward – Eagle River
  • Kathlene Rowell  – Staff director for nominations

The Alaska Congressional Delegation works closely with one another to maximize the opportunities for Alaska’ men and women to receive nominations to the academies.

NOTE: The U.S. Coast Guard Academy does not require a Congressional nomination for their application.