Sullivan Honors Incredible Service and Sacrifice of America’s Veterans

ANCHORAGE, ALASKA—U.S. Senator Dan Sullivan (R-Alaska), a member of the Senate Veterans Affairs Committee, today released the following video message in honor of Veterans Day.

Below is a transcript of Sen. Sullivan’s Veterans Day message:

Today, across Alaska and across our great nation, American communities throughout our country will be taking the time to recognize, celebrate and honor their veterans and those who continue to serve.

For our state, this is a really important day, and I'm looking forward to spending time in Anchorage and in the Mat-Su Valley on Veterans Day.

Why is this so important to us? Because we are the state with more veterans per capita than any state in the country. That is a special patriotic element of our culture and heritage in Alaska, and it means so much to everybody.

Speaking of Alaska veterans, we just had the opportunity here in D.C. to honor Alaska veterans from World War II, the Korean War, and Vietnam, who came to Washington, D.C. as part of the Last Frontier Honor Flight. This is such a great organization, and they're just celebrating this year, their 10th anniversary. They do incredible work for our great state. 

I have tried to make sure, whenever the Honor Flights come to Washington, D.C., and I'm here, I am ready to greet these great American and Alaskan heroes at the monuments. And we always bring donuts! “Pogey bait,” as we call it in the Marine Corps. But our veterans love the Dunkin Donuts that we bring. 

My message to all of our veterans on this Honor Flight and to all veterans today is this: Thank you for protecting our liberties and defending our nation.

And, importantly, it's not just what you've done to protect America. Think about this fact, and it is a fact that is not often repeated: Whether you're a World War II, Korean War, Vietnam, Iraq, Afghanistan, War on Terror—any veteran, any American who has put on the uniform of your nation, you are part of an incredible heritage. And that heritage is this: The U.S. military over the years has done more to liberate men and women and children around the world from oppression and tyranny than any other force in human history. Hundreds of millions of people are free today because of America's military. That is an incredible legacy. That is one of the many things that makes our nation, America, an exceptional nation. 

On this Veterans Day, I want to again thank all of our Alaska veterans, all veterans across the United States, and, of course, their families who, in many ways, sacrifice as much, if not more, than so many of our veterans.

I tell my wife, Julie, and our three daughters, even though they're not wearing the uniform, they have sacrificed for their country so much in support of someone who has worn the uniform. 

So for all Alaskans on this very special day, thank you to our veterans for their service. God bless our great state and God bless our great country.

# # #