Sullivan Introduces ROAR Act to Refill Strategic Reserve with American-Produced Petroleum

WASHINGTON—U.S. Senator Dan Sullivan (R-Alaska) yesterday introduced the Replenishing Our American Reserves (ROAR) Act, legislation that would require that the nation’s Strategic Petroleum Reserve (SPR) only include petroleum products produced in the United States, and only sell to domestic buyers.

“Last November, President Biden began draining our country’s Strategic Petroleum Reserve in a shortsighted attempt to control the skyrocketing gas prices his administration’s energy policies have wrought on American families,” said Sen. Sullivan. “At the time, I urged the President to drop the political window dressing and tap into a different strategic reserve—Alaska—by getting his boot off the neck of our producers. But President Biden has not relented in his war on American energy, and now our country’s strategic oil reserve is depleted to a level we haven’t seen in 35 years. We need to refill the SPR, and every drop of that oil should be produced by the hard-working men and women of the American energy sector.”

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