SULLIVAN: Record Inflation is the Result of Biden’s Disastrous Policies

WASHINGTON – U.S. Senator Dan Sullivan (R-Alaska) released the following statement after the Labor Department announced Wednesday that Americans experienced 9.1% inflation in consumer prices in June 2022 compared to the year before – a new 40-year record:

“Today’s announcement of record inflation confirms what American families already know: President Biden’s disastrous policies are making it harder and harder for American families to pay their bills, put food on their tables, and fill up their vehicles – essential tasks that many wouldn’t have thought twice about just 18 months prior,” Senator Sullivan said. “Alaskans are hurting and I’m tired of the excuses from this administration – from denial to calling inflation “transitory” to casting blame on President Putin – enough with the excuses.

“Americans deserve the truth: these price hikes are the result of significant policy errors, including the budget-busting socialist spending spree from last spring and an intentional plan by the Biden administration to force upon the American people an "incredible transition" to renewables by any means necessary. Despite all this, Democrats are trying to resurrect their reckless tax and spend plans at the worst possible time. The insanity needs to stop. Unleash American energy, stop the socialist spending, and no new taxes!”