Sullivan Statement on House Passage of Democrats’ Reckless Tax and Spending Bill

WASHINGTON—U.S. Senator Dan Sullivan (R-Alaska) issued the following statement after passage of the Democrats’ reckless tax and spending bill in the House of Representatives.

“The out-of-control spending being driven by radical far-left Democrats is going to do real, lasting damage to our economy. It’s going to have a huge cost for our country and American taxpayers are going to be the ones paying for it, both in terms of new taxes and inflation,” Sen. Sullivan said. “With the skyrocketing prices we’re already seeing as a result of the Biden administration’s failed policies, hard-working families in Alaska are paying more at the gas pump, the grocery store, and to heat their homes this winter. The Democrats’ reckless tax and spending bill is only going to make matters worse.

“This socialist spending spree is nothing more than a partisan liberal wish-list loaded with radical policies, like the Green New Deal, that will effectively kill the affordable and reliable energy that comes from American oil, natural gas, and coal from federal lands and waters. This bill is going to stick hard-working families with higher costs, lower wages and less freedom. I will fight like hell in the Senate to stop it.” 

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