Sullivan Statement on U.S. Airstrike in Syria

WASHINGTON, DC – Senator Dan Sullivan (R-AK) released the following statement tonight after the United States conducted air strikes against the Bashar al-Assad regime in Syria: 

"I commend the brave young men and women in the U.S. military for carrying out President Trump’s orders against the regime of Bashar al-Assad. President Trump stated that Assad had crossed lines by using banned chemical weapons against his own people, and this time, the President of the United States acted. I applaud the President for taking this decisive action, which was focused on degrading Syria’s ability to undertake chemical attacks in the future.

“Going forward, we must continue the difficult task of reestablishing U.S. credibility in the region by working closely with our allies to advance our collective security interests, and ensuring that Assad does not commit further chemical attacks against his own people or his neighbors.”