Sullivan’s Statement on Federal Indictment of President Trump

WASHINGTON—U.S. Senator Dan Sullivan (R-Alaska) released the following statement today on reports of the federal indictment of former President Trump:

“As I previously stated: The worst thing for our country is for Americans to start to believe that the Justice Department and FBI provide two tiers of justice, and that the indictment of a former president and current candidate for the White House is unprecedented and will almost certainly do lasting damage to our polarized nation.

“The American people know that for years Joe Biden stored classified documents in his garage and that Hillary Clinton mishandled classified emails stored on her private server in her home. But with this Justice Department there seems to be far more interest in pursuing former President Trump – President Biden’s chief political rival – than others.

“Equality before the law is a fundamental tenet of our republic. The Biden administration is shoving our country into dangerous territory that is eroding trust in critical institutions of our government.”

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