SPEECH: Sullivan speaks on U.S.-China relations - March 24, 2021

Mr. President, I wanted to come down to the Senate floor for a couple reasons, but first I want to talk a little bit about what happened in Alaska last weekend--actually, a really important meeting between the United States and China, our senior diplomats, their senior diplomats. It took place in Anchorage, and let's just say the meeting was as frosty as the Alaska air. It was a tough meeting. The Chinese came out, kind of took a little advantage of being extra verbose in their opening st… Continue Reading


SPEECH: Remembering George P. Shultz

Madam President, as many of us know, our country is mourning the loss of a great man, a man who I believe was one of the greatest of the Greatest Generation. Yesterday, we all received the sad news that George Shultz, Secretary Shultz, died in his home in California yesterday. He was 100 years old. He just celebrated his 100th birthday in December. He was a man of great intelligence, of courage, of integrity. He exemplified service, what is great about this Nation, and hope for our country--no… Continue Reading


SPEECH: Honoring Alaska's Late Senator Ted Stevens

Mr. President, I want to add my voice in recognizing what an important day it is here. I want to thank the Senators from Alabama and Mississippi and, of course, my good friend Senator Murkowski. Many other Senators--the Senators from California, Iowa--all came to the floor already today to talk about this great American, this great Alaskan. I try to come to the floor about once a week, and I do a speech that I call the ``Alaskan of the Week'' to talk about an Alaskan who has done great s… Continue Reading


SPEECH: Winning the New Cold War with China and How America Should Respond

I. Introduction It is a special privilege for me to take part in the annual B.C. Lee Lecture Series. I want to thank the Lee Family for their support of this proud tradition of addressing what are very important issues for American foreign policy, and I also want to thank the Heritage Foundation for the great work that they do on so many issues. It truly is an honor to be here. The United States has a very long history in the Indo-Pacific and has recognized for centuries that our own future is… Continue Reading


SPEECH: IRI Freedom Award Dinner

1) Creative Power of American Democracy It is a great honor to be here with you tonight as the new chair of IRI. I want to thank Dan for his energized leadership, the IRI Board, and so many of my Senate colleagues for being here tonight. And of course, the many supporters of IRI who have made this such a successful evening. One of the honors of my lifetime was having John McCain as a friend and a mentor. Like most things with Senator McCain, it was not a subtle experience. In fact, a lot of t… Continue Reading


SPEECH: Address to the Alaska Legislature

President Giessel. Speaker Edgmon. Members of the House and Senate from the Great State of Alaska, thank you for inviting me to speak to you. Thanks also to each member of the Legislature and your staff for your service to our state. It's great to be home, back in this historic chamber. Much of my leadership team is here in the gallery today. Erik Elam, my legislative director, my senior advisor Amanda Coyne, Renee Reeve my state director. Dana Herndon is helping me here in Juneau. My chief of… Continue Reading


Martin Luther King, Jr. Holiday Commemoration Speech

Martin Luther King, Jr. Holiday Commemoration SpeechAs Prepared1/14/2018 Thank you for the distinct honor to celebrate a date that memorializes one of America's greatest citizens. There are so many to thank. Pastor May, many thanks for inviting me to this very important event. I am very honored to be onstage with so many of Alaska's civil rights leaders. Now I must say that watching Mr. Heartwell and listening to this wonderful choir, I'm reminded of some remarks I made recently on the Senate… Continue Reading


Supporting Alaska's Law Enforcement Community and Honoring Sergeant Allen Brandt

Mr. President, the holidays are nearly upon us. It is the time when Christmas cheer descends on us, when hearts open and we reach out to our neighbors, friends, and even strangers, particularly those who are in need. Today I want to reach out to the police force in Alaska. These men and women put their lives on the line every day for us, and anyone who has seen the news in these past few months knows it has been a particularly difficult time for police officers all across the country, who have … Continue Reading



Mr. SULLIVAN. Mr. President, I wish to say a few words on the nuclear agreement that is being negotiated with Iran. I will start by commending the members of the Foreign Relations Committee, particularly Senator Corker, the chairman of that committee. They moved the Corker-Menendez bill through the committee a few days ago with a unanimous vote. It was very important work. It is a good start to a critically important topic for the American people. I know it was a struggle. We read about what hap… Continue Reading


Senator Dan Sullivan (R-AK) Maiden Speech

Remarks prepared for delivery: Mr. President, today I stand in support of the Keystone Pipeline project. As an Alaskan, I feel it's important to talk about this bill and the importance of American energy infrastructure. I live in a state with one of the world's largest pipelines. In 1973, after bitter debate, similar to the debate about Keystone, Congress passed a bill that led to the construction of the trans-Alaska pipeline system- what we in Alaska call TAPS. It almost didn't happen. … Continue Reading

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