Internship FAQ


What traits are you looking for in an intern candidate? 

We are looking for self-starters with an interest in politics or the federal government. Students who are seeking an exciting and unique work experience tend to be successful. 


Do I need prior political experience?

No. Successful interns come from all backgrounds and disciplines. But an interest in politics is important. 


Do I need to be a political science major/minor? 

No. We welcome applicants from any major or discipline who are interested in learning about public policy. It is helpful to have taken a college class in government or political science, but not required.                 


Can I participate in the internship after I’ve graduated from college or university? 

Yes, if you begin your internship within 12 months of graduation. 


Can I be an intern if I am not yet 18? 

Applicants under the age of 18 will be considered for internship positions in one of our six local offices in Alaska where they will form a valuable part of our team during the summer semester. School year interns in Alaska will be considered on a case by case basis.  


How many interns do you take each semester? 

We have between two and four spaces available depending on the semester. 


Do I have to be an Alaska resident to do the internship? 

Alaskans and students attending Alaska schools are preferred. Applications from elsewhere are accepted but preference will be given to Alaska applicants. 


When are internships available? 

There are three semester-long internships each year in the Senator’s D.C. office in spring, summer, and fall. 


Will I have time to work on schoolwork during the internship?

One of the priorities we have for our interns is to be able to stay on track in their degree program. Successful applicants should discuss their academic needs with the internship coordinator prior to beginning the internship. 


Will I be paid as an intern? 

Yes, there is a small stipend to help defray expenses for the Washington, D.C. internship.  


Is the internship full-time? 

Yes, you will be working 40 hour weeks from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. Monday-Friday. However, there are part-time options for students attending university in the D.C. area.


What will I do as an intern? 

This internship is a hands-on learning experience in a fast-paced Senate office. You will be researching bills, writing memos, assisting with constituent correspondence, giving tours of the Capitol building, attending hearings and playing an important role in the Senator’s front office. Be ready to learn by doing and give each task your best effort, no matter what the project may be.  


Where will I live as an intern? 

Interns are responsible for their own housing. However, the office of Senator Sullivan is happy to share a list of intern housing options with successful candidates.