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June 2024
Washington Examiner: OP-ED: Congress must step in to fix America’s shipbuilding crisis
Fairbanks Daily News-Miner: OP-ED: Sullivan corrects the record on News-Miner’s account of flag incident
January 2024
Mat-Su Valley Frontiersman: OP-ED: Alaska Uniquely Positioned to Strengthen National Security During Dangerous Period
October 2023
Anchorage Daily News: OP-ED: Stars are aligned to make a major push for Alaska LNG
August 2023
OP-ED: Uniting Alaskans to address the youth mental health crisis
August 2022
Wall Street Journal: EDITORIAL: A Permitting Test for Democrats
May 2022
Washington Examiner: ARTICLE: Sen. Sullivan looks to curb power of giant investment firms embracing ESG
Wall Street Journal: ARTICLE: Lawmakers Seek to Curb Voting Power of BlackRock, Vanguard and Other Big Asset Managers
April 2022
Anchorage Daily News: OP-ED: Sullivan and Inupiaq Leader: As Interior Secretary Visits Alaska, Here’s What We’d Like Her to Say.
March 2022
Wall Street Journal: OP-ED: Let Alaska Sell American Energy to the World
January 2022
OP-ED: Headwinds and hope for the new year
April 2021
Fox Business Network: INTERVIEW: Sen. Dan Sullivan on Fox Business Network's "Kudlow"
Roll Call: OP-ED: America deserves a pro-jobs climate plan
March 2021
Roll Call: For Senate die-hards, no sweeter sound than ‘Alaskan of the Week’
February 2021
Anchorage Daily News: OP-ED: Even during a pandemic, the iconic Iditarod continues
Fairbanks Daily News-Miner: Former legislator Bud Fate remembered as Renaissance man
January 2021
Defense News: Odd couple: How a Republican senator and Biden’s defense secretary became friends downrange
December 2020
Wall Street Journal: OP-ED: “Defense Is on the Ballot in Georgia”
March 2020
Mat-Su Daily Frontiersman: U.S. senators, congressman address COVID-19 pandemic
Politico: POLITICO: Senator slams lack of port infrastructure in the Arctic
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