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Sullivan focuses on economy, regulation reform

by Elizabeth Earl

Economics, regulation and the military ruled the conversation during Sen. Dan Sullivan's speech to the joint Kenai and Soldotna chambers of commerce luncheon on Wednesday. Sullivan, who has just completed his first year in Washington, D.C., presented a crowd of about 80 with a rundown of his views on the current national political situation. Because it is the holiday season, he said he wanted to focus on the positive while still touching on future challenges. "Believe it or not, you can someti… Continue Reading


Obamacare hurts Alaska most

by Sen. Dan Sullivan

Recently, while home in Anchorage, in the course of two hours, three people in three different places - a gas station, Carr's and Lowe's - talked to me about how Obamacare is wiping them out. Hardly a day passes when I don't hear from or read about Alaskans harmed by Obamacare. One Alaska family tells me they now pay $1,200 per month in premiums with a $10,000 deductible. Another couple pays more than $3,000 per month in premiums, almost $38,000 per year. Here's an excerpt from a constitue… Continue Reading


Senate OKs Sullivan bill to promote free lawyers for domestic violence, sexual assault victims

by Casey Grove

FAIRBANKS-The U.S. Senate passed a bill Wednesday introduced by Alaska Sen. Dan Sullivan that would encourage lawyers to provide free legal assistance to victims of domestic violence or sexual assault. It is Sullivan's first standalone bill to pass the Senate. If signed into law, the Pro bono Work to Empower and Represent Act would require U.S. attorneys in all 94 judicial districts across the country to hold at least one event every year promoting pro bono legal work on domestic viole… Continue Reading


NEW YORK TIMES: White House Moves to Reassure Allies With South China Sea Patrol, but Quietly

by Helene Cooper and Jane Perlez

WASHINGTON - For months, lawmakers and national security hawks have urged President Obama to stand up to China's land reclamation of disputed islands in the South China Sea. But now that the Obama administration finally has, the White House does not want to talk about it. In sending a guided missile destroyer late Monday into waters China considers its territory, the Obama administration sought to exercise what officials called the right to freedom of navigation in international waters. The m… Continue Reading


Sullivan brings Washington to vets

An idea that started in Alaska to provide better care by the Veterans Administration for vets known as the Veterans Access, Choice & Accountability Act seems to have backfired for Alaskan vets according to freshman U.S. Senator Dan Sullivan (R) Alaska. "Ultimately this was about bringing Washington D.C. to Alaska," Sullivan told the Dispatch in an interview before the Kenai hearing. "To have some of the senior VA officials here in Alaska. The Secretary of the VA was here two weeks ago and to… Continue Reading


President must experience 'real' Alaska through its people

by Sen. Dan Sullivan

Alaska has benefited from many Presidential visits, and it's always good to have the national spotlight shine on us. President Ronald Reagan's visits were particularly memorable, given his keen appreciation for Alaska's vast natural resources and understanding of the federal government's history of locking up those resources by taking Alaska lands. "It's absolutely ridiculous," President Reagan said in a 1979 campaign stop, bemoaning federal land-grabs. "It's gotten to the point where a tourist… Continue Reading


Fixing Alaska's model VA system: Used to reform national veterans' care, state system now needs help

by Fairbanks Daily News-Miner Editorial Board

News-Miner opinion: A year and a half ago, the national Veterans Affairs health system was in disarray. At clinics across the Lower 48, veterans waited for care for weeks and months, in some cases dying before receiving treatment. But the Alaska system was a different story. Thanks to reforms pushed by the state's congressional delegation, the Last Frontier's veterans had shorter waits and better access to care. So Congress developed a national system akin to Alaska's - only to have its rollout … Continue Reading


Sullivan: Russian moves highlight Arctic concerns

by Becky Bohrer

JUNEAU, Alaska - U.S. Sen. Dan Sullivan said the Russians are looking to militarize the Arctic, making it all the more important for the U.S. to have a broad Arctic strategy that includes having sufficient troops based in Alaska. Sullivan said Monday that's why he has been critical of proposed troop reductions in Alaska as part of a cost-saving plan announced by the Army this summer. His office said Sullivan got included in the Senate version of a defense spending bill a provision to r… Continue Reading


Alaska, Washington state must work together

by Sen. Dan Sullivan

As an American, a U.S. senator and an Alaskan, I'm deeply concerned with the security of our nation and the economic wellbeing of my state, much of which depends on continuing the historic and mutually beneficial relationship between Alaska and Washington state. That relationship is strained and put at risk when officials in Washington use Alaska's economy as a platform to engage in political opportunism. I'm referring specifically to Seattle Mayor Ed Murray's recent actions to attempt to bloc… Continue Reading


Alaska Sen. Sullivan to join Sen. McCain on trip to Vietnam

by Associated Press

PHOENIX - Sen. John McCain is leading a U.S. Senate delegation that will visit Vietnam and Singapore this week. The Arizona Republican is chairman of the Senate Armed Services Committee, and his office says the trip is being made at a critical time for U.S. interests in the Asia-Pacific region. McCain's office says Sens. Jack Reed of Rhode Island, Joni Ernst of Iowa and Dan Sullivan of Alaska also are making the trip, while Sens. Cory Gardner of Colorado and Mazie Hirono of Hawaii will… Continue Reading


OP-ED: ‘Rebalance’ to Asia calls for 3-pronged strategy

by Sen. Dan Sullivan

Almost two decades ago, I was a Marine Corps infantry officer aboard an amphibious assault ship with the 31st Marine Expeditionary Unit deployed in the South China Sea. The ship I was on, the USS Belleau Wood, received orders to transit the Taiwan Strait during what later became known as the Third Taiwan Strait Crisis, precipitated by Chinese military action and missile launches in the run up to Taiwan's 1996 presidential elections. We were part of a show of substantial U.S. military force in th… Continue Reading


Standing tall against sex trafficking: Sen. Dan Sullivan crafted worthy amendment to bill targeting sex trade

by Fairbanks Daily News-Miner Editorial Board

Fairbanks Daily News-Miner editorial: Sex trafficking is a difficult issue to confront. It's hard to think about people being placed in such a position, much less talk about it and develop effective strategies to combat it. Therefore, it's heartening the U.S. Senate, in a rare show of bipartisanship, came together this week to pass legislation aimed at protecting victims of sex trafficking and making punishing the perpetrators of such crimes more effective. Kudos especially to Sen. Dan Sullivan,… Continue Reading


Sen. Dan Sullivan explains his views on the Iran deal and why

by Sen. Dan Sullivan

Last week in an op-ed about the Iranian nuclear deal, Juneau resident Richard Moniak raised questions about an earlier column I wrote in this paper, and about the Senate Foreign Relations Committee's recent passage of the Iran Nuclear Agreement Review Act of 2015, which I co-sponsored. If the act passes in both the House and the Senate, it will allow Congress to have an up-or-down vote on an eventual nuclear arms agreement with Iran - one of the most significant national security issues facing A… Continue Reading


Sen. Dan Sullivan: Team of Apache helicopters likely moving to Fairbanks

by Casey Grove

ANCHORAGE - Twenty-four AH-64 Apache attack helicopters and their crews likely are headed to Fort Wainwright, U.S. Sen. Dan Sullivan said Tuesday. Roughly 400 personnel also will be headed to the Army post in Fairbanks, Sullivan said in a written statement. The plan is "pre-decisional" and pending environmental impact statements and approval by the secretary of the Army, said Sullivan's press secretary, Mike Anderson. According to Defense News, at, the Army's assistant … Continue Reading


New waters rule would greatly expand EPA role

by Sen. Dan Sullivan

Alaskans and Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Gina McCarthy generally don't agree on much. But recently, when talking to a reporter about water, she hit on a consensus, albeit unintentionally: "Water is personal," she said. Indeed it is. And Alaskans know just how personal. We are a state that understands and loves its water. We boast 43,000 miles of coastline, and millions of lakes. More than 43 percent of our state's surface area is composed of wetlands - which accounts for 6… Continue Reading


Sullivan talks states' rights, AKLNG

by Katie Moritz

With polarizing issues facing the Alaska Legislature, there couldn't have been a more interesting time for the state's freshman U.S. senator to make a stop at the Capitol. Sen. Dan Sullivan, R-Alaska, made it clear in his first-ever address to lawmakers that his intention is to push against President Barack Obama's mandates while working to get things done for the state. Needless to say, his speech was a hit with the Republican House and Senate majorities. Sullivan, a former Alaska attorney ge… Continue Reading


Wall Street Journal OpEd: Obama’s Alaska Wilderness Head Fake

by Senator Dan Sullivan

President Obama's plan to designate 12 million acres as wilderness in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge did not fool Alaskans. The announcement in January revealed his goal of starving the trans-Alaska pipeline by stranding tens of billions of barrels of American oil permanently under the Arctic tundra, and turning the state into a giant national park. Given the huge importance the oil industry plays in employing Alaskans and funding state services, the president's plan will wreak havoc on t… Continue Reading


Sullivan talks federal regs, military presence

by Molly Dischner

JUNEAU - U.S. Sen. Dan Sullivan on Monday said fighting federal overreach and pushing for a continued military presence in Alaska are among his priorities. Sullivan made his comments in addressing a joint session of the state Legislature. Such addresses are tradition among Alaska's U.S. senators, and this was the first for Sullivan, a Republican who won election last November. Sullivan said his efforts to limit the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency include support for a bill that provides f… Continue Reading


Congress should have a say in US-Iran nuclear weapons deal

by Sen. Dan Sullivan

As I traveled throughout our great state last year, I heard repeatedly how worried Alaskans were about national security. From the growth and brutality of ISIS and a resurgent Russia waging war in the heart of Europe, to a steady march by Iran to obtain nuclear weapons, Alaskans recognized the unprecedented challenges threatening our country. They sensed what former Secretary of State Henry Kissinger recently put into words during a Senate Armed Services Committee hearing: "The United States ha… Continue Reading


Let's win assault on Alaska together

by Senator Dan Sullivan

Most of us remember where we were when we first learned of some momentous event that seemed briefly to freeze history in time. Like many Alaskans, I'll never forget where I was on 9/11. Many of us will never forget where we were when we learned that Sen. Ted Stevens was in the plane crash that took his life, or when Gov. Wally Hickel passed on. And I will never forget where I was when I heard that President Barack Obama was once again going to attempt to lock up millions of acres of Alaska la… Continue Reading

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